Dutch so called 'Mopjes' trommel

End 17th century
38 x 18 x 14 cm

€ 4850

Dutch so called 'Mopjes' trommel

This basket is made of rosewood with baleen straps and handle.
Zaandam and the surrounding area was the place for whale processing in the late 17th century.
Important products were whale oil and baleen. 
Baleen was used to make luxury products.
One of these luxury products was this baleen handle basket.
The local women took their handle baskets to social gatherings , where the women enjoyed sweets, chats and songs.
In these baskets they carried their songbooks. 
The content of the songs was quite daring and the songs were very popular in North Holland and Friesland.
In Dutch we called that kind of songs "mopjes"
This basket, so called "mopjestrommel" has also still its original lock and key.


Ritman, Amsterdam


Tussen kunst en kitsch, 101 ontdekkingen. Uitgeverij Waanders, 2015.

Antiek van het Nederlandse platteland, Noortje de Roy van Zuydewijn, Uitgeverij J.H. Gottmer - Haarlem


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